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Pub Quiz -
Quiz 62: A complete Pub Quiz

Written by Bill Turnbull  Answers

Round 1. General Knowledge

1         What is the only English anagram of the word PERCUSSION


2        What is the official national anthem of the USA


3        In which panto would you find a ticking crocodile


4        Which type of dolphin are usually the performers in marine parks


5        What is the capital of Albania


6        Who was the first English professional cricketer to be knighted


7        Who played Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson in the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day


8        With what is Birkenhead drill concerned


9        Who served as the American Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977


10     Which NME award did Lily Allen win in 2007


11      In mythology what is a dryad


12     In which British town or city could you catch a train from Foregate Street railway station or Shrub Hill railway station


13     What is the currency of Paraguay


14     In the game of Monopoly how much does Vine Street cost


15     What is a Matryoshka


16     Who recorded the album Sunny Side Up which is a Best Album award winner at the Novello Awards


17     What kind of drink is applejack in the USA


18     Who led the losing side at the battle of Sedgemoor in 1685


19     Which car manufacturer made the Anglia


20    What is the name of the British territory on the Iberian peninsula


21     Who was the first non-European to win the Tour De France


22    King of Saxony and Princess Stephanie are varieties of which bird


23    What is the family name of the Dukes of Westminster


24    What is the name of the warm dry wind which blows over the Rocky Mountains


25    Granadilla is another name for which fruit



Round 2. Money For Old Soap, 15 Questions On Old Soap Operas

26    In Coronation Street who played the part of Alma Baldwin


27    In Dallas which road would you take to get To Southfork


28    In Neighbours who played the English lord that Harold and Madge met while on a trip to Britain


29    Which Eastenders character married Cat Slater on Christmas day 2003


30    Which well-known cinema actor played Jason Colby


31     In which Australian state is Home and Away set


32    In which country was the ill-fated Eldorado soap set


33    What was the surname of Blake and Krystle in Dynasty


34    What is the title of the New Zealand soap set in and around a hospital


35    Which ex Bond girl played Madame Malec in Falcon Crest


36    Which celebrity chef made a cameo appearance on the 5000th episode of Emmerdale


37    The opening credits of Hollyoaks feature a map of which city


38    In which soap does Isabel Morgan run the village store


39    Which soap opera on the BBC was axed in 1995 after only 24 episodes


40    In which fictional London suburb is Family Affairs set


Quiz 62 - Answers

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